How Blockchain can boost power and efficiency in Aviation industry

Aviation Maintenance

Reduce time spent on routine inspections and maintenance to improve efficiency. Delays and lost revenues can be reduced with more predictive aircraft maintenance

Tokenized Ticketing

Bring smart tickets to life and eliminate the use of paper tickets helping mitigate or completely eliminate the potential risk of centralized ticketing database crash.

Reduce Third Party Costs

With Blockchain, reduce the dependency on travel agents or other intermediaries and increase revenue amongst network members.

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Shift-in-charge (Supervisor) Dashboard helps allocation of jobs and resources to engineers and technicians. List of actions that can be performed by the supervisor are:
- View list of flights for the day
- Scheduling work packages
- Assigning engineers and technicians
- View status of allocated work package

ARIA ( Aircraft Records Information Assistant ) - AME APP

- To capture all aircraft data pertaining to line checks, quawks, component replacements, and SB/AD compliances
- To capture the AV of the snags online as well as off-line. Data captured off-line gets synced with the airline ERP immediately on restoration of the internet connectivity
- This ensures the aircraft to be current and correct avoiding error in physical and system data

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