How Blockchain can drive transparency in Supply Chain

Increase transparency and traceability of consumer goods

Lower losses from counterfeit/grey market trading

Improve visibility and compliance over outsourced contract manufacturing

Reduce paperwork and administrative costs

Accurate asset tracking

Enhanced licensing of services, products, and software

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FTT Blockchain solution provides all information of the product, right from ingredients to distribution. End-user or consumer can scan the QR code and you will be directed to the URL which shows all the information related to the product.
Gain competitive advantage leveraging FTT to
- Increase trust for the end consumers
- Enhance credibility
- Increase traceability
- Increase reliability for consumers
- Increase operational efficiency
- Transparent marketing

FTT in Dairy Industry

As the dairy products in market become diverse, the supply chain becomes complex and demands vast trust. The risks of both improper hygiene in milk handling and contaminated dairy products require efficient tracking and monitoring of the entire network. Blockchain in dairy industry assures to build the confidence in the product which ultimately raises the demand for the package.

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