Permissioned Blockchain

  • Permission-based algorithms that rely on voting rounds and digital signatures
  • Each node with its own business logic
  • Authorized nodes that execute the transaction
  • Prevents foreign nodes from tapping into the network


Customised Leader-Based Consensus

  • Random selection of leader
  • Every transaction has change of leader
  • Fraud risk decreased
  • Takes care of risks involved in election-based selection of leader


Asset Tracking

  • Asset oriented database
  • Defined types of asset and attributes
  • Defined users, privileges and wallet
  • Unique feature of UTxO based transaction


Traceability & Transparency

  • Information storage through encrypted mechanism
  • Imposed control mechanisms
  • Permanent recording of transaction
  • Captures alterations and changes in records


Enhanced Security

  • Participant owned transaction private keys
  • Secured through cryptography
  • Increased tamper resistance proportional to number of blocks
  • Reduced risks against attacks and fraud

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